Meet The Team

Brendon Davies



Ascend Business Results is Brendon’s brainchild.  And he couldn’t be happier about it.


Brendon has been an accountant for over two decades and running his own business for nearly the same amount of time.  Throughout his career, Brendon has provided support and advice to a vast array of clients and always recognizes that he is learning so much from his clients too.


Brendon assists a broad range of clients on all areas of business.  It doesn’t matter if your business is a small farm, a medium sized industry-based factory or a complex conglomerate, Brendon will be able to assist you with practical, cost effective and robust solutions and support.


Ascend Business Results is a thriving business because Brendon has united a team of professional people who have the same values and vision as he does.  Building relationships and supporting your business needs with a range of techniques, stakeholders and agencies is Ascend’s super power.


When Brendon isn’t working on your business stuff, he can be found out in the community (he’s on the board of a few important community organisations) or enjoying the beaches of the beautiful Midwest region.


Brooke Bennett

Senior Accountant
“Too much personality for an accountant!”


Brooke has over two decades of experience in accounting and really knows her stuff.  However, she doesn’t really fit the typical stereotype of an accountant. One client even told her one day “You have too much personality to be an accountant!”.  It was the best compliment she has ever received!


Before joining Ascend, Brooke had worked in a range of different organisations and has experience in small business, large corporations and everywhere in between.  Brooke’s ability to put herself in her business owner client’s shoes – because she used to have her own accounting firm – sets her apart from everyone.


Brooke laughs a lot (often at herself!), has invaluable business judgement and can assist you in a vast range of accounting, taxation, forecasting and compliance issues.


Sylvia Jones

Client Services Co-ordinator


“Inspired by those who make the ordinary into the extraordinary.”


Sylvia is passionate about small business success.  In fact, you could say she goes above and beyond to assist people who work tirelessly in their small businesses to succeed and grow in the direction they want to.


Sylvia is a perpetual student and has thorough understanding of what it is like juggling commitments and priorities, learning new things and sometimes getting too bogged down in things that don’t light you up.  This is where Sylvia will help you out – getting you un-bogged is what she is great at.


Sylvia was a finalist (in the top four!) of Individual Customer Service in the 2017 Business Excellence Award presented by the Midwest Chamber of Commerce and Industry.   Put simply, Sylvia is someone who loves to help people.


Like the rest of the team, Sylvia loves to have fun and we are thrilled that Sylvia is a key member of the Ascend team.



Shani Worsley

Director of First Impressions / Trainee Accountant


“A big kid at heart!”


Shani’s love of numbers started when she was a child living in South Africa. Her grandfather made a wager with her around her studies and her brain immediately calculated what she would need to achieve to win the wager.  Working in the family business and recording the day’s takings each Saturday gave her much excitement – much more than her other studies did!


Shani loves providing excellent customer service and goes above and beyond to surpass the customer’s expectations. 


She is embracing learning new things as our trainee Accountant and her career in front of her is bound to be a success due to her excellent organizational skills and commitment to the finance industry.  

Lisa Ayre

Director of First Impressions 


“Above and beyond in customer service”


Lisa is committed to customer service and has accepted that she has inherited a family trait of “perfectionism”. Not a bad trait to inherit, right?  This has made Lisa the perfect fit for the front of house at Ascend.  She is determined and unwavering in her pursuit to provide highest quality of customer service. In fact, once she even drove a 300 kilometre round trip to deliver something a customer needed purely for sentimental reasons.  Why did she do that?  In Lisa’s words “because I knew it would put a smile on her face. She was so thankful.”


When Lisa isn’t occupying the front of house seat at Ascend, you will more than likely find her in the kitchen baking a loaf of fresh bread which she determines in an essential for a family barbeque. In fact, Lisa loves to cook and sharing food with her family is the perfect way to spend her down time. 


Ascend’s core values are:

  • Quality
  • Relationships
  • Integrity
  • Value for money


and Lisa is the perfect director of first impressions to highlight our values to our clients.